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Go with the Pros: 5 Important Facts About Home Alarm System Installation

Updated: Feb 23

Are you on the fence about professional alarm system installation?

You might wonder if you actually need an alarm and if you can install it yourself.

The truth is, an alarm is a strong layer of protection between you, your family, and the outside world – but only when it works properly. We are going to explain 5 facts about choosing to have a home alarm system professionally installed. Keep reading for more information!

1. Protect More Than Your Belongings

Professionally installed alarms are monitored by professionals, 24/7. This means that your home is protected against burglars, fire, and carbon monoxide.

It has been shown that alarm systems are a

alarm system installation

However, carbon monoxide and fire do not care who you are, what you have, or the type of alarm.

Because carbon monoxide is an odorless and clear gas, it can have ill effects before anyone notices. Professional companies monitor carbon monoxide levels and will alert you to problems. Should a fire break out while you are away, the alarm company can call for help faster than a neighbor or bystander can.

2. Home Insurance Discounts

In addition to protecting your home, family, and valuables, an alarm system installation with central monitoring can also help lower your home insurance rates. Depending on your insurance company, you may see savings of up to 10%.

This may not seem like huge savings but coupled with the peace of mind from having a monitored alarm, it is well worth it!

3. Updated Technology

One of the biggest problems with choosing to install an alarm yourself is the fact that after just a few years, it will be out of date.

When you opt for a professional installation, you will likely receive updated equipment when it is time to renew the contract. Additionally, during the initial installation, you will be offered the top-of-the-line technology, that may include facial recognition or even the ability to monitor your home remotely.

4. Medical Monitoring

Medical emergencies happen, and not just to those who are elderly or live alone. Although you may have a level of serenity with a DIY security system, a centrally monitored alarm through a company will offer options for medical alerts.

5. Savings on Bills

Alarm systems have gotten so advanced that you can opt to control your AC, heater, and lights through the matching applications and remote access. This also means that you can turn your lights on and off while on vacation, further deterring any unwanted activity.

Alarm System Installation Done Right (The First Time)

Some people are wizards with technology, some may be master carpenters, and others may be an amazing chef. Everyone has something that they do well or are trained to do.

For us, alarm system installation is what we are trained to do. We offer the best in home security and will work diligently to ensure you are happy with the end results.

If you are interested in seeing some of the newest home security technology or would like a consultation, contact us for an appointment!

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