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Complete Guide to Fire Protection with Fuel Breaks, Defense Against Wildfires

Updated: Jan 30

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Fuel Break Installed In Yavapai County

The Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management recently completed an 18-acre fuel break in Yavapai County to reduce the threat of wildfires and ensure sustainability of state lands.

State Forestry crews reduced overgrown vegetation and diseased trees around the community of Pinon Oaks to create a fire buffer, in the event of a wildfire, and to give all mature and healthy trees the ability to thrive, according to a news release.

Fuel breaks have shown to be valuable during large wildfires such as the Tenderfoot Fire in Yarnell the summer of 2016 and again during the June 2017 Goodwin Fire south of Prescott. Prior to the Goodwin Fire a 270-acre fuel break had been installed near Mayer that acted as a barrier between the fire and the town, forcing the fire to shift directions away from the community.

“The overall intent of these fuel break projects is to reduce the risk of devastating wildfires, save homes, ensure firefighter and community safety, and increase the health of our forests and state lands,” said State Forester Jeff Whitney.

Over the past few years, the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management identified multiple areas that fall within the Wildland Urban Interface that have heavier-than-normal fuels which hinder fire suppression activities, if a wildfire should occur.

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The Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management participates in NFPA’s Firewise Communities Program, a program that teaches people how to adapt to live with wildfire. There are simple things homeowners can do to reduce the risk of wildfire on their property.

For more information, visit or speak with a local fire agency.

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