5 Signs You Need A Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Updated: Oct 28

fire sprinkler systems

When a fire breaks out, how would you know your sprinklers systems are working properly?

A fire sprinkler is a fire protection equipment, which discharges water flow once sufficient heat is detected.

The primary reason why fire sprinklers are so effective is that it’s an automatic system meant to protect your building from fire.

To ensure its efficiency and functionality, a fire sprinkler inspection is a must!

Read on to find out if your sprinkler systems are due for inspection, testing, or maintenance.

5 Telling Signs That You Are Due For A Sprinkler Inspection

Your home or office space is due for fire sprinkler inspections when see the following signs:

1. The sprinkler system is leaking

Fire sprinklers may leak due to human or manufacturing errors. Additionally, improper design or installation can cause leakage as well.

A leaking fire sprinkler poses a danger to your electronic equipment and appliances. It can also make floors slippery, which poses a hazard.

2. The fire alarm devices are rusty:

The tip of the sprinklers is easily visible, making it susceptible to rusting.

As with any metal product, rust is a sign of weakening and it might result in malfunction.

To identify if rust, check if the color of your alarm devices and see if it has turned orange.

3. Trigger functions are not working properly

A fire sprinkler discharges water when signs of fire have been detected, such as when a predetermined temperature has been exceeded.

However, in some circumstances, the system activates automatically without indications of fire.

Automatic activation of fire sprinklers without any indication of fire may cause panic to the people near it.

In addition, the electronic equipment may also get wet and cause it to short circuit.

4. Malfunctions resulted in a fire hazard

A fire sprinkler is a part of the security system that extinguishes fire.

In every system, there is a risk of malfunction. It is also possible that the problem comes from the sprinkler itself.

A fire sprinkler system dangling-out on your ceiling means it is exposed to outside conditions. Its lack of protection makes it vulnerable to physical damage.

If the fire sprinkler systems malfunction, it will result in unnecessary panic and may put your people at risk for injuries.

Additionally, it may cause a replacement of the whole fire sprinkler system which is more expensive than preventing it to happen.

fire sprinkler inspection

Get Your Sprinklers Inspected Today!

Do the signs stated above apply to your sprinkler systems? If yes, then it’s time for a fire sprinkler inspection!

At B&W Fire Security Systems, we take pride in servicing all our valued customers.

We provide affordable inspection, testing, and preventive maintenance for kinds of fire sprinkler systems. We also offer 24/7 emergency service on all aspects of fire protection equipment.

Contact us and let B&W Fire Security Systems take care of all your security and protection needs!

Do you have questions regarding fire sprinkler inspection? Leave a comment and ask questions or share your thoughts below!

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