5 Benefits of Installing a Home Security System

In an ever-growing technological age, homeowners are purchasing and installing hi-tech tools to support their daily lives. A home security system is a popular option for many. These new systems incorporate many useful features; giving peace of mind when at home or away.

Installing a home security system doesn’t have to cost you much. It can save you lots in the long run if your home ever falls victim to foul play. Insurance companies also give significant discounts to homeowner policies if they have one installed.

Many people debate whether or not a security system is something they need. But it is a necessary step to protect you, your loved ones, and your valuables. Homes are reportedly 2.7 times more likely to be targeted if they do not have a visible security system according to Simon Hakim/Erwin Blackstone.

Increased security for property, family, and pets

It is estimated every year across America that there are approximately 2.5 million burglaries. Costing homeowners in total around the figure of $3.1 billion. The average burglary sees a loss of around $1,700 each time. A home alarm system is a step in the right direction to protect your home from the outside world.

Deter criminals

An outside mounted camera is an excellent deterrent for burglars to not even entertain the idea of entering your property. If they enter, regardless of the camera, a triggered alarm will often make them run away from the scene in an instant.

Faster capture of burglars

If your alarm is triggered, it will alert the neighbors who are invaluable witnesses to come forward with evidence. This eases the process of finding and detaining the culprit/s. A lot of systems now call the authorities automatically meaning they can be in pursuit within minutes.

Increased peace of mind for families

Feeling safe and secure within your home is paramount, especially for families, the elderly, and those who leave home for long periods. Installing an alarm system on your property gives you peace of mind that help will be on the way if the system is triggered. The alarm gives you enough time to get to safety, which is particularly crucial for those with difficulty defending themselves and families with children.

Hidden camera alarm system installation to further protect your home

Hidden cameras are another option for homeowners to protect the inside of the home. They are not costly, can be set up anywhere and have no unsightly wires. Because of this, they are easily installed D.I.Y style and take less than a minute to do. Your hidden camera should be set up in areas of your home you think needs the most protection, near a safe or your baby's bedroom.

A hidden camera alarm system often includes motion sensor recording and stream to smart devices. This way, any images you receive are backed up on your phone as evidence no matter if the cameras are tampered with or damaged. Your hidden camera can easily be moved around the home and can come with you when you move house.

24/7 security monitoring for faster alert and action response time

Modern technology has allowed the creation of multi-purpose alarm systems. Integrating smoke and carbon monoxide detection features. This allows your security system to double up as a fire protection unit, alarming the home to even more potential threats.

Alarm companies now offer security monitoring services to alert authorities when you need it most. This allows for fast response times to any threat you and your home may face. Fire protection services and carbon monoxide detection 24/7 monitoring gives homeowners the confidence that they and their home is fully protected at all times, day and night.

Turn your home into a smart home

Turning your home into a smart home means linking your technology for ease of access and use. Access your hidden cameras, energy usage, outdoor cameras, lights, and fire protection features all at the touch of a button on your smart device.

A smart home service allows you to monitor your home from work or holiday. So that you can always be reassured and take control of your home security, even while away. You can be assured to receive notifications when something changes in your home or you can access live streams from your camera. Smart home installation with energy usage monitoring is also a great way to cut costs and keep on top of your bills.

Some of the best smart home security system devices

There are many smart home devices on the market, each with varying features and functions. This gives you lots of options when choosing a smart home security system that is appropriate for your home and needs.

Smart home services let you control your lights so if you were out later than expected you can turn the lights on for you to see when you get home, and for it to look like someone is home. If motion sensors are installed on the doors and windows and are triggered, you will be notified right away. These security systems are the new age of keeping your house secure and offer many peace-of-mind amenities.

It can be a challenge to choose the right device with so many options available. Therefore, we suggest you check out this quick guide to the top 10 home security systems. Giving you clear information for you to make a more informed decision about what your home needs.

Have your home alarm system installed by a professional alarm company

Professional alarm companies are trained in the correct installation of their products. Taking away the stress and pressure of you getting it right. A reliable alarm installation reassures you that your system is up and running correctly with all your features running how they should be from the get-go.

Installing a security system through an alarm company comes with extra benefits. They will be able to assist you if your system malfunctions, gets damaged or you need support on how to use your system to its full potential.

Even if you are a D.I.Y wizard, we always suggest using an alarm installation company for your safety and to ensure proper setup.

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