3 Essential Tips to Prevent Backflow

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Backflow, in which untested and possibly unsafe water, including sewage, goes the wrong direction due to backpressure, and can contaminate cross-connections of pipes between the public water system and private water systems. A backflow prevention valve prevents this from happening.

Many homes and businesses in the Quad Cities Region have backflow prevention valves installed.

1. The function of a backflow prevention device is to keep dirty water from pools, storm drains and other external water sources from flowing backward into clean, uncontaminated water and keeps drinking water clean.

2. Backflow of sewer can also result in flood damage to a residential, commercial or public property by coming back up through pipes. Backwater flows can be prevented by properly installing and maintaining a backwater prevention valve.

3. A main cause of backflow due to blockage in a home is the pouring of fat and grease down the kitchen sink. These fats can stick to sewer pipes and build to cause blockage leading to backflow through sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets and possibly into drinking water. Instead, allow these substances to cool, scrape or pour them into a sealed bag or container and dispose of in the trash.

It is also important to make sure you're covered against flood damage from sewage backflow on your insurance policy. It can be a very costly cleanup and cause severe damage to a home or business and neighboring homes or businesses.

B&W Fire Security Systems, services and installs backflow prevention devices for residential and commercial buildings. Having these devices regularly inspected and serviced helps keep you and your family safe.

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