Fire Protection Company Suppresses Fire with Fire Sprinkler System

Fire Extinguisher Repair Prescott AZ

B&W Fire Sprinklers Prove to Save Property and Lives

On January 08, 2015, a hotel fire in Prescott was suppressed by a fire sprinkler system maintained by B&W Fire Security Systems of Prescott Valley, AZ. “Upon entering the involved room, they (firefighters) found the fire under control because an automatic fire sprinkler head was flowing water that had extinguished the fire, although there was still electrical arcing taking place in the fire area”.

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Just a few weeks earlier, in December 2015, a hotel fire broke out in downtown Prescott. This fire too, was suppressed by fire sprinklers.

“An older Prescott landmark hotel, built in 1904, was the location of a fire which started around noon on the 23rd of December. The Prescott Fire Department responded to a call regarding the fire which started on the third floor of the historic Prescott Inn in downtown Prescott. In any hotel or residence, a fire can result in tragic losses; but thanks to the hotel’s fire sprinkler system, which extinguished the fire quickly, and to the quick response of the firefighters who evacuated all the residents, there were no injuries or deaths.”

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Fire sprinkler system managed by B&W Fire Security suppresses fire, saving property and lives.

Both of these fires could have been much worse if were not for the installation and maintenance of Fire Sprinkler systems. Contact B&W Fire Security for all your fire suppression and security needs.

A special thanks goes out to all our First Responders!

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