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The stats show, secure your home 24/7

There is no doubt, and the statistics confirm, that home security cameras are a main contributor to deterring crime. In an interview with 12 ex-convict burglars they stated that security cameras and barking dogs were their biggest deterrents for not burglarizing certain homes. They said they targeted homes that appeared most vulnerable with the easiest access and the least resistance.


B&W Fire Security Systems can provide the hidden cameras...

CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) is a cost-effective crime prevention tool with many useful functions and convenient features much like:


  • 24/7 live video streaming, accessible via mobile apps and on any web-based device

  • Real-time alerts sent to your phone if any motions or sounds are detected

  • Night vision and thermal imaging options

  • Two-way audio for the viewer and the one in front of the camera, whether criminal, pet or the mail carrier

  • Field of view: wider lens for a broader scope of area or a narrow lens that provide less breadth but clearer detail

  • Resolution ranging from 720p to 1080p for recording and streaming purposes

  • Options for saving recorded footage beneficial if evidence is needed



Protect your family and your neighbors with a hidden camera system

In the event your home is targeted there is an immense benefit for capturing it on camera. This helps law enforcement arrest the culprit more efficiently and keeps your home and your neighborhood safer. CCTV for your home definitely takes crime watch to a higher level.


There are a lot of areas to consider before getting set up with the right home CCTV system. B&W Fire Security Systems will work with you to identify your specific needs to design the home camera security unit that is right for you and right for your budget.  They assist in the right places in and around your home for hidden camera installation so you can be sure you are covered on all sides.


A CCTV system has been proven to be an effective tool to reduce the risk of suspicious activity and even break-in attempts. Don’t take a chance of falling victim to burglary. Protect your family from the trauma and hassle of a break in.


Call B&W Fire Security Systems to design, install, maintain, and monitor your home CCTV system day and night.



"B & W has performed many complicated projects for Show Low High School over the last few years. Each project has been explained, researched, bid, installed and followed up with so that I am a very satisfied customer. They have repaired defectively installed sprinkler systems, replaced and repaired an alarm system that has had gremlins that other companies charged us large sums of money to fix only to come back later when the problems were not repaired. B & W also installed and updated our video system providing technological assistance in the planning and installation phases that have made our systems very effective and user friendly."


—  Jeff Hanson, Assistant Principal Show Low High School

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