Security Systems for HOME

Innovative and advanced technology for your

home security system

Home security and automation systems have become much more

innovative, reliable and secure. Using modern technology, these

home security systems easily automate with your smartphone,

tablet or other web-enabled device.  The two-way communication

through the mobile app creates a trusted and streamlined 24/7

connection with you and your home, keeping the control of your

home security at your fingertips.


Home security and automation systems were designed to inform you of any threat to the home while you are away or sitting on the couch. Smoke alarm activation, temperature control, front door locking systems are some of the functions that can all be controlled remotely. Live stream camera feeds are also available on your personal devices—creating a sense of ease as you go about living life.


These advanced systems provide the ease for you to disarm the security system for a child returning home from school, turn up the air conditioning on the way home from work, and watch as a package is delivered to your front door.


B&W Fire Security Systems designs, installs, maintains and monitors a home security system that is monitored 24/7 to protect your home and family.


Home security monitoring

The benefits of a home security monitoring system is to inform you and law enforcement right away if there is suspicious activity at your home. B&W Fire Security Systems works with the industry leader COPS Monitoring to provide the fastest response times in the event of a security breach in your home. Home security monitoring can be provided for most existing systems or we can provide and install a new control panel to ensure the best quality of protection service.

B&W Fire Security also offers Medical Alert–safety and emergency response at a push of a button!


Leave the monitoring to B&W Fire Security Systems and we’ll make sure you and your loved ones are in safe hands.

We can monitor most systems you have fire alarm or security.

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Introducing: ProSeries from Honeywell


One platform. More protection. More opportunity. 


ProSeries brings security and simplicity to homes and small businesses, with a host of features and benefits in one powerful, end-to-end ecosystem. It offers the largest ever range of supported home solutions in a modular, scalable system. 

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sprinkler system, Show Low High School



"B & W has performed many complicated projects for Show Low High School over the last few years. Each project has been explained, researched, bid, installed and followed up with so that I am a very satisfied customer. They have repaired defectively installed sprinkler systems, replaced and repaired an alarm system that has had gremlins that other companies charged us large sums of money to fix only to come back later when the problems were not repaired. B & W also installed and updated our video system providing technological assistance in the planning and installation phases that have made our systems very effective and user friendly."


—  Jeff Hanson, Assistant Principal Show Low High School

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