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Reducing the chances of a deadly fire in your home should be top priority for any homeowner. It can be easy to overlook the maintenance needed for smoke detectors , carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers, but these are life saving devices that need upkeep and upgrading.  Your family’s safety is #1—ensuring that all detectors and equipment are working properly, are up to code and in good condition is a must.












At B&W Fire Security Systems we support these fire protection guidelines:

Fire protection devices need to be installed in every bedroom and outside any area where someone might sleep, as well as on every level of the house. We recommend testing the alarms as often as once per month to make sure every unit is in working order. A basic recommendation is to replace the fire detection devices every 10 years or when the test button no longer functions.


Fire protection devices have come a long way. Have a chat with us about installing new systems in your home that require less maintenance and upkeep—let us take care of one of the many worries on your homeowner’s list.


B&W Fire Security Systems services include:

  • Custom-designed systems to fit your specific needs for your home and family

  • Professional, high-quality fire protection services and installation, done right the first time

  • Repair of all brands of fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

  • Monitoring your home for smoke detection, carbon monoxide and other gas leaks and exposure


B&W Fire Security Systems services your home’s fire sprinkler system

With a home fire sprinkler system, a yearly inspection of the system is to ensure proper functioning. There is much involved in getting to know your fire sprinkler system. Invite the pros over to find out the nitty gritty of your system.


In the thorough inspection of your fire sprinkler system we will:

  • Make sure the water flow switch properly activates the exterior and interior audible devices to sound alarm

  • Check each sprinkler head to protect against defects or recalled Omega fire sprinkler heads

  • Test the water flow switch quarterly and flow water through the test valve

  • Check for gauge accuracy


We also assess water spikes. We live in an area where this is common. We will advise when it is necessary to install a pressure relief valve to prevent sudden climbs in water pressure. In the event your fire bell goes off abruptly then turns off, we will assess and take care of any concern of faulty wiring and installation.


We make your fire sprinkler system less intimidating and to work for your safety and security.  Whether it’s a repair of an existing system or a complete design for your new home structure, we are happy to be your go-to, most-trusted fire protection and alarm company.


While you are at home, away on vacation or at work, awake or asleep, securing your home and family is a priority.

Let us put your mind at ease.  


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"B & W has performed many complicated projects for Show Low High School over the last few years. Each project has been explained, researched, bid, installed and followed up with so that I am a very satisfied customer. They have repaired defectively installed sprinkler systems, replaced and repaired an alarm system that has had gremlins that other companies charged us large sums of money to fix only to come back later when the problems were not repaired. B & W also installed and updated our video system providing technological assistance in the planning and installation phases that have made our systems very effective and user friendly."


—  Jeff Hanson, Assistant Principal Show Low High School

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