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Fire Extinguisher Inspection Near Me

Servicing fire extinguishers, keeping them up to date and recharged for your safety

Are you looking for where to get your fire extinguisher serviced at an affordable price and in a timely manner?

If you are a business owner or a homeowner you probably have a lot of questions regarding your business’ or home’s fire safety. 


Fire extinguisher servicing should be on that list, as well as:

  • How often should I get a fire extinguisher inspection?

  • When should testing be performed on my fire protection system?

  • How often should I schedule service on my fire and alarm system?


These are all great questions and we are glad you asked because we, at B&W Fire Security Systems, provide for all of your fire protection services!


As your local fire protection company, we are experts in all fire extinguisher services.

You may not know this but your emergency fire and alarm systems require a monthly service to ensure that fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, suppression systems, etc. are free from damage and will function as they ought to in the event of an emergency.


man inspecting fire extinguisher

As a business owner, you are responsible for the safety of your building, its occupants and neighbors. 


As a homeowner, you are wanting the ultimate safety for your family, pets, and valuables.

Taking the most precautionary steps possible to ensure the highest protection is in your and others’ best interest.

Do not hesitate to get your fire extinguisher serviced!

Are you wondering who performs fire extinguishers service in your area? 

We are local, certified professionals - the experts for your fire extinguisher inspection.


As part of our Fire Extinguisher Service we will perform thorough inspections on all extinguishers.


We inspect for:

  • Damage from rust or corrosion

  • Blocked hoses

  • Proper deployment pressure

  • Any leaks

  • Intact instruction and inspection labels 


Fire extinguishers require an inspection and service done by a qualified fire protection equipment company every year. 


A fire extinguisher inspection includes:

  • Recharging any extinguishers if they have been used or have low pressure

  • Inspections to maintain compliance with codes and proper function

  • Fire extinguisher installations in an array of sizes and specialties 

  • Service fire extinguisher parts if they are in need of repair or replacement


You will also require the following inspections:

Every six years a complete internal breakdown inspection is necessary for an installed fire system.


Every 12 years, Hydrostatic Pressure Testing needs to be performed.

When do you need to recharge your fire extinguisher?

Extinguisher Inspections

After the use of a fire extinguisher, even if partially used, it must be recharged to make sure the pressure is at an adequate level to perform effectively. 


Internal inspections of the apparatus will also determine if a recharge is necessary, even if it’s never been used. 


Climate changes or damage could depressurize the fire extinguisher making it faulty and ineffective. Don’t take any chances, recharge your fire extinguishers.  


Call B&W Fire Security Systems to have your fire extinguishers serviced and inspected to ensure they will work when you need them!


The team at B&W Fire Security Systems strives to meet and exceed all industry standards to keep your fire protection units up to code.

We Bring Our Extinguisher Shop to You.

All service vehicles carry an extensive inventory of parts allowing us to perform all fire extinguisher repairs and services on site, including fire extinguisher holders, mounts and/or brackets.


  • Annual Inspections

  • Recharges

  • 6-Year Maintenance

  • 12-Year Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

  • Repair of NFPA Code Insufficiencies

b & w fire security systems logo


  • 2 ½ lb ABC5

  • 5 lb ABC

  • 10 lb ABC

  • 20 lb ABC


  • Halotron

  • CO2

  • Class K

  • BC

  • D

We Provide the Ultimate in Fire Extinguisher Service

As part of our fire extinguisher services, we educate you on the proper placement of every fire extinguisher according to local and national codes.


We also show you how to correctly operate the apparatus in case of an emergency. 


It’s always best to know how to use these devices before having to deploy one in the event of an actual fire. 

While we are on site providing your fire extinguisher service, we encourage you to ask our professionals for tips and operating advice.  We want to make sure you and other personnel are comfortable using the extinguisher.


Remember, fire extinguishers require a thorough inspection once a year to maintain compliance with codes, ensure functionality, to repair damages, and other services as needed. 

B&W Fire Security Systems is your fire extinguisher specialist right here in Arizona.

We offer 24-Hour Emergency Service and are a call or click away.


Store our phone number in your phone for a quick dial in case of an emergency.

Contact B&W Fire Security Systems today!

sprinkler system, Show Low High School



"B & W has performed many complicated projects for Show Low High School over the last few years. Each project has been explained, researched, bid, installed and followed up with so that I am a very satisfied customer. They have repaired defectively installed sprinkler systems, replaced and repaired an alarm system that has had gremlins that other companies charged us large sums of money to fix only to come back later when the problems were not repaired. B & W also installed and updated our video system providing technological assistance in the planning and installation phases that have made our systems very effective and user friendly."


—  Jeff Hanson, Assistant Principal Show Low High School

NEED A QUOTE? Call Today!

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